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Trademarks and Copyrights

The RQ Retail Management system and the XQ Intelligent Retail portal system, and this software (in aggregate, “the Software”), are the property of RT² Software Development Corp. (“RT²”) and you are, by use of the software and in accordance with the terms of a license agreement (“the License”) granted to you by RT², permitted to use the Software as outlined in the License. The only warranty and indication of fitness for any particular commercial purpose of this product are outlined in the License and related materials specifically granted to your company.

Copyright in the Software and all related collateral and materials is the sole property of RT², 2013 2021. All rights reserved. No right to copy the copyrighted works or any portion thereof is granted and all use must be in accordance with the License.

The RT² Logo, RT², RQ, XQ, INTERACTIVE RETAIL and INTELLIGENT RETAIL are the trademarks or registered trademarks of iQmetrix in Canada, the United States or other countries. Other trademarks of iQmetrix are marked as appropriate in the interface and material as well.

The trademarks and other intellectual property rights of third parties are marked as appropriate in the software, interface and related materials.

Your use of this Software indicates your ongoing acceptance of all terms of the License applicable thereto.